NM-CO Mile 213 + 49.90 chains

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On the Dulce NM-Edith CO road we look west, the Archuleta Plateau in the distance. Unknown to most, Dulce is, for some, a hotbed of UFO activity. Move over Roswell. Dulce is home to true UFO believers, asserts the Santa Fe New Mexican (May 7, 2016). The Archuleta Plateau is home to numerous UFO sightings and lurid stories repeated in Ben Mezrich’s 37th Parallel, a sketchy biography of Chuck Zukowski, a dogged tracker of unexplained cattle mutilations that have occurred in the borderland, dubbed “America’s UFO highway” by Mezrich. Dulce is also the home of the Jicarilla Apaches, a 2750 member tribe.

N 370 0.0069′ W 1060 54.3728′, elev 7117 ft