AZ-UT: Mile 330

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From US 169 at Teec Nos Pos we turned north toward the line on a confusing web of dirt roads that crossed recently-flooded washes– one or two of them were still damp; we checked them to make sure the soft damp soil would support the car.  We followed County Road C474 steeply up onto a mesa that looked like a lunar quarry. We passed one house a half mile south of the line. On the state line there was a sign announcing the edge of Apache County (Utah). We got out and walked west to a nearby ridge. No evidence of human presence was visible except the dirt road behind us. The rough landscape, in the gray late light, was dry and inhospitable, a stage set for Diné endurance or Bilagáana* desperation.  Location: N 360 59.9818′ W 1090 7.2666′, elev 5057 ft., about 4 1/4 miles west of 4 Corners, as the surveyor chains.


Above: looking west.

Below: looking east, toward Four Corners.









Location on the state line where the images above were recorded;  the Navajo Nation lies both north and south of the line.


*Diné: Navajo for the people

Bilagáana: Navajo for European Americans